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Our mission is to build a digital democracy, so you can be your own representative.

Polimorphic is a technology company that is building a civic media platform for all. We organize the complicated and frustrating political landscape into the palm of your hand.

From the Source

Non-partisan, only facts. We take a different approach to political news: we mine government websites and databases for updates on politicians, legislation, press releases, speeches and more.

Every piece of content you see on Polimorphic is written and produced by the government, enabling you to form your own opinions on what you read.

Stay Up To Date

We provide a daily email digest so you can stay on top of everything politics, from the politicians who represent you to the legislation that affects you.

By selecting the issues that you care about, you can stay updated on the topics that matter most. See how your politicians vote on these issues, and receive updates as they pass through Congress.

Let's Fix Politics

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