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Businesses and Artists that Apply before June 1st and PAY by July 1st will receive a 15% discount. The Irmo Okra Strut is currently accepting applications for participation in the 2024 festival. Please complete and submit for approval by Thursday Aug 1st, 2024. Applications received after the deadline will be considered if space remains available. 

If your application is approved, you will be invoiced for the amount due. 100% of the amount due is to be paid in full by invoice due date or space will be forfeited. Invoices can be paid via check or by credit card; there is a 3% fee for all electronic payments.

Please carefully read the enclosed Policies and Procedures before signing the application.

*KEEP the Policies and Procedures information for your own records.
Friday September 27th (6:00 pm – 11:00 PM) and Saturday, September 28th (10:00 AM – 6:00 PM)

Exhibitors in the 400 spaces MUST stay for the entire festival, Friday through 11pm and Saturday through 10pm.  

Online Steps


Applicant Information


Be an Exhibitor

Exhibitor prices are based on Business Type and Booth Size:

Handmade Arts & Crafts Exhibit
- 12X12 $115
- 12x20 $230

Business/Commercial Exhibit
- 12X12 $185
- 12x20 $370

Community/Non-Profit Exhibit
- 12X12 $50
- 12x20 $100

Sales Items

Please list all of your merchandise items below with a description. Approved sales items will be indicated on your confirmation. 



I, the undersigned, wish to participate in the 2024 Okra Strut and have read and understand the policies and procedures attached on this application. I agree to abide by these policies and those that will accompany the confirmation if accepted for participation.  I understand that no refunds will be made for inclement weather.  

I, the undersigned, agree to be responsible for any loss of property or personal injury during the 2024 Okra Strut Festival and further release and indemnify festival management, the Okra Strut Commission and the Town of Irmo from any claims resulting there from.  

Please carefully read the enclosed Policies and Procedures before signing the application

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