Application for Initiating Service (Owner)

NOTE: You will need to complete all steps and pay all fees before Service can be started. This application is a contract between the applicant and the City of Lowell.

It is the responsibility of the account holder to notify the City of Lowell to terminate services. The form to terminate services is on our website. We will not start or terminate services via telephone.


Online Steps


Applicant Full Name


Applicant Phone Number


Applicant Email Address


Social Security # (Optional)

If you wish to leave this field blank, please enter N/A.

Requested Service Address


Mailing Address

If mailing address is different than your service address enter below. Otherwise, enter Same as Service Address or something to that effect.

Day of Initiating Service

What day do you want your service started? Please note that service can not start on a weekend or a holiday.

Please contact Customer Service at 704-824-3518, option 1 after you have submitted your application. If your application is received after 3:00pm on the day that you want service to start, then your service will not start until the next business day. Also, a copy of your driver's license must be received and all fees must be paid prior to your service starting.

Additional Comments

Please provide any comments or additional information below.

New Customer Agreement

By entering "YES" below, you agree to the following terms:
I agree that the information provided is accurate and that I am the individual associated with this information. I agree to submit this information to the City of Lowell in North Carolina and understand that this information will be used to start a Utility Account under the information I provided. I understand that I will be held financially responsible for any charges associated with starting this Utility Account with the City of Lowell in North Carolina. Should any of the
information that I provided be found to be false, I will pay the associated fees and penalties to have this information corrected.

Upload Photo ID or Passport


Proof of Ownership

Please upload proof of ownership documents.

Pay Activation Fee

When starting a Utility Account there is a $50.00 Non-Refundable Activation Fee for all accounts. This fee is a one-time charge. 
You may make a payment online or pay via cash or check (Payable to City of Lowell).

Activation Fee


Activation fee must be paid before service can begin.


City of Lowell to Initiate Customer Account

Until this step is marked complete by the Lowell staff, your application is not complete. This is only a confirmation that you have submitted the steps for review by Lowell staff. You may receive an email from our team if certain information is filled out incorrectly.

If we have any questions, we will contact you. You can call (704) 824-3518 and select option 1 to inquire on your application.