Youth Sports Registration (Lowell Resident)

All steps must be completed and payment must be made before registration will successfully be submitted to the Parks and Recreation Department. 

Please note that this registration is for City of Lowell residents only and the child must reside within the City limits. If this form is submitted and the player lives outside of the City of Lowell, the player may be removed from the roster. 

Online Steps



Registration Period
T-Ball and Baseball3-12February 1 - March 1
Soccer3-12July 1 - August 1
Basketball3-15October 1 - November 1

Player's Full Name (First, Middle, Last)


Player's Age


Player's Date of Birth


School and Grade Level


Mailing Address (Street, City, State, Zip)


Shirt Size

Please choose from the following options:

*Please note that parents will be responsible for paying for another uniform if the size is submitted incorrectly. 

Parent/Legal Guardian Name


Parent Email Address

Please note the City of Lowell Parks and Recreation will send communications regarding updates and first practice information to the email address that is submitted. 

Parent Cell Phone(s)


Are you willing to coach, if needed? If yes, please specify head or assistant.

City of Lowell Parks and Recreation sport programs depend entirely on volunteers to coach our youth! Without your help these programs would not exist. Our coaches' main priorities are to provide kids with a positive learning experience that promotes skill & character development, confidence, sportsmanship, and most importantly fun. 


Please type "YES" that you understand and agree:
I agree that in the event he/she is disabled, injured, or incurs a disease of a temporary or permanent nature while participating as a member of the activity or program to release, indemnify, and hold harmless the City of Lowell, its officials, agents and employees from all actions, causes of actions, claim, demands, damages and cost arising there from, and do hereby assume all risks associated with participation in the sports or activities provided. Before starting any type of exercise program, you should contact your doctor first. Also, we agree to return any equipment or uniform to the recreation department. I hereby consent to receive medical treatment which may be deemed advisable in the event of injury, accident and illness during these activities. 

Waiver 2 (Photos and Refunds)

Please type "YES" that you understand and agree:

I understand that as these activities, I may be photographed. I agree to allow my photo, video or film likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose by the event holder, producer, sponsor organizers and or assigns. 

I agree that NO REFUNDS will be provided once teams are formed.

Code of Conduct Policy

Please type "YES" that you understand and agree to follow all rules of conduct while participating in all recreational activities sponsored by the City of Lowell. 

Code of Conduct Policy:
The City of Lowell Parks and Recreation department strives to provide high quality sports programs and is dependent on participants, officials, spectators, and the City of Lowell Parks and Recreation staff to all work together to create an environment that is conducive to the recreation and enjoyment of all participants. With this end in mind, the following rules of conduct while participating in any City of Lowell Athletics Programs have been established. 

Expected Behavior
Sportsmanlike conduct by players towards the opposition, officials, spectators, and Lowell Parks and Recreation staff is mandatory. Conduct yourself in a manner that is respectful to all. 

Follow all established and posted rules, written and/or verbal rules specific to the athletic program, and any direction or requests from officials and/or The City of Lowell Parks and Recreation staff. 

Respect all City of Lowell Athletics and facility property, as well as the property of other participants. 

Limit active play to only those areas designated for it.

Prohibited Behavior 
Derogatory or unsportsmanlike conduct, including, but not limited to, the use of profanity or demeaning language, intimidation, taunting, teasing and/or ridiculing or any other abusive and/or harassing language or behavior towards players, coaches, managers, teams, spectators, officials, or the Lowell Parks and Recreation staff. 

Engaging in disruptive and/or disorderly behavior or conduct that endangers one’s self or others and/or damages or defaces The City of Lowell Parks and Recreation Athletics or facility property. 

Smoking or using tobacco (in any form) in any area of the facility or premises on which a City of Lowell Athletics Program is being held. (Smoke in designated areas is permitted)  

Using drugs, alcohol, or any other intoxicating substance while at the facility or premises on which a The City of Lowell Athletics Program is being held or being under the influence of such substances. 

Violation of the Code of Conduct Policy
The City of Lowell Parks and Recreation department, or authorized designee, shall have the authority to administer immediate disciplinary action to individual players, coaches, managers, spectators, and officials for violations of this Code of Conduct, including, but not limited to: suspension and/or removal; forfeiture of game(s); and/or expulsion of teams, coaches, or managers from The City of Lowell Athletics Programs for up to one (1) year. The severity of the violation and/or the frequency of occurrence will determine the appropriate course of action. Some Code of Conduct violations may also subject the violator to criminal prosecution in addition to any sanctions administered by the City. Any and all situations not specifically covered in this Code of Conduct and that require disciplinary action shall be acted upon by The City of Lowell Parks and Recreation staff, or their authorized designee, and all such actions shall become part of this Code of Conduct. An individual receiving disciplinary action pursuant to this Code of Conduct must abide by the decision at the time of enforcement. Said individual may submit, no later than 24 hours after the incident, a protest, in written form (email is ok), to The City of Lowell Parks and Recreation Department. All decisions by the City on appeal are final. 

Lowell Resident Youth Registration Fee

Youth Sport Registration Fee



Registration Confirmation

Thank you for registering your child with Lowell Parks and Recreation! Your child's registration will be processed and an email will be sent at the end of the registration period with information on the first team practice. If you have any questions, please email or call 704-824-3518, option 4.