Golf Cart Tag Purchase or Renewal*

Golf Cart tags for the Town of Cape Carteret are valid from January 1 through December 31 of each calendar year. Each new golf cart will need to be inspected by the Police Department for safety requirements prior to the issuance of a golf cart tag. If you have already had an inspection on your golf cart by the ToCC PD, no additional inspection will be required. Please complete an application for a golf cart tag, sign, and return to Town Hall along with payment of $75.00, yearly renewals will complete the same application. For new golf carts the PD will call you to schedule the inspection after you turn in a completed application along with payment. If you have further questions, please call Town Hall at 252-393-8483.

Online Steps


Applicant information

Applicant information

Golf Cart Information


Insurance Disclaimer


Golf Cart Regulations - Signature and date


Payment Options


Golf Cart Tag Fee Payment

Golf Cart tag yearly fee

Golf Cart tag fee


Golf Cart tag fee


Golf cart inspection by Cape Carteret Police Department (if new registration)


Staff verify all documentation has been completed prior to mailing pass.


Staff will mail golf cart year sticker to mailing address provided.