.Kayak Pass

The Town of Cape Carteret has a limited number of spaces available to rent for kayak storage. Spaces are available on a first come first served basis for the Bayshore Park storage rack and the Holly Lane storage rack. Spaces rent from July 1 through June 30, the cost of rental per year is $25.00.
Please note by submitting your responses online you are agreeing to all terms and conditions of the kayak rental in lieu of a signature.

Online Steps


Rental Application Info


Agreement to Terms


Payment Options


Kayak Rental Payment

Kayak storage facility yearly rental fee is $25.00 per space.

Kayak Storage Rental Fee


Kayak Storage Rental Fee


Verify of Address by Town Staff

Staff will verify your address to ensure you reside or own property in the town limits of Cape Carteret prior to issuance of a Kayak Storage Decal.

Staff will mail decal after verification of address

Once address is verified - decal will be mailed to the address indicated in your application.