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Zoning Permit - Residential

The Town of Cape Carteret will begin their review of your complete Zoning Permit Application upon receipt. As you maneuver through the online application, be sure to answer each question to move on to the next question. To ensure a timely turn around time for your project, please only submit a complete package as outlined in the Zoning Permit Requirements for your particular project. The Zoning Permit Requirements can be found on the Town website under Zoning Information. If your project is in a flood zone, please ensure that you have secured a CAMA permit which can be obtained through Carteret County, 252-222-5833. If you reside in one of the many subdivisions within Cape Carteret, check with your HOA/ARC regarding approval requirements for your particular project. Please submit your signed approved HOA/ARC documents along with your Zoning Permit Application package as part of this online application.

If you have questions you can reach out via email to Julie Shambaugh or call 252-393-8483.

Online Steps


Type of Zoning Permit


Applicant Information

Please complete the applicant information section.

HOA/ARC Letter of Approval


Upload CAMA permit


Upload Elevation Certificate


Upload project plans, plot plan, survey and scale drawing.


Zoning Permit Statement of Compliance


Payment Options


Payment for Zoning Permit - Residential

Payment for Zoning Permit. 
$100.00 for Residential Zoning Permits

Residential Zoning Permit


Residential Zoning Permit


Staff will review Zoning Permit Application for completeness.


Staff Issues Permit