Residential Mechanical Permit

Mechanical Permits for Residential projects may apply here. Drawings are not required, but Linn County Planning and Building does reserve the right to request drawings based on the project. Please download and upload the form, and we will process it to Linn County. Once completed, request payment. 

Online Steps


Project Location

Please enter the street address the project is located.

Fill Out Application

Please download the permit provided by Linn County Planning and Building Department. In case the link doesn't work, please get in touch with City Hall. Once you complete the form, upload it, and we will begin processing it.

Click Here for the Permit

Application Submitted

You have submitted a Residential Mechanical Permit. City of Tangent staff will begin processing the permit. The steps include:
  1. Review application and project information
  2. Assign the application a permit number
  3. Forward application to Linn County Planning and Building
  4. The county confirms application is deemed completed
  5. Tangent City Staff will contact for payment