Solar Building Permit

Linn County must approve all solar projects before a solar permit can be issued. You must fill out the forms below and submit them to the City of Tangent first. Any application submitted to Linn County without the permit number issued from Tangent will be rejected. 

Click Here for the Linn County Solar Application Checklist.

Online Steps


Construction Drawings

Please submit construction drawings for your project. The drawing shall include the following:

  • Site Plan Drawings - to include all unity layouts, accessible parking and access, designated fire lanes, and distance between adjacent structures and property lines.
  • Structural Drawings - to include the structural design calculations, uniform live loads, dead loads, roof and snow loads, wind loads, and panel layout.
  • Electrical drawing (only commercial) - to include all lighting facilities, electrically operated equipment, and electrical circuits required for all service equipment of the building or structure. Drawings should include panel schedules, grounding systems, and wiring methods.

Note: Drawing larger than ledger paper will be required to be submitted to City Hall with three (3) copies. City Hall staff may still request paper copies to be delivered to City Hall to process the application.

For multiple files, please create a compressed file with all files.

Applicant Full Name


Applicant Phone Number