Transportation Waiver of Remonstrance

In the event the City determines it is not currently necessary to provide some of the required improvements, the City may authorize an agreement to pay for future improvements in the form of a Waiver of Remonstrance and an Agreement to pay a fair share of the required improvements when they are provided, or the improvements may be installed in the area under special assessment financing or other facility extension policies of the City. Deed covenants shall be attached to each property's deed, specifying this commitment as an obligation perpetually attached to each property, regardless of sale or ownership.

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Download & Complete Form

You may download the form and fill out the two fields on the fillable PDF. 

Do not sign and date on page two until you are in front of a Notary Public.

Once you have signed in front of a notary, you may upload the document here to submit it to the City of Tangent. If you wish to drop off the paper form or mail it, please do one of the following:

Drop off at City Hall
Mail to City Hall
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Tangent, OR  97389

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