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about us

Our Mission

Polimorphic all started with a simple idea. We wanted to follow our local politicians just as easily as our favorite athletes. We were shocked that there was no way to get ground truth political information all in one place and Polimorphic was born.

A successful democracy starts with an informed public. However, as our government has grown larger, information has become harder to access and media has moved away from informing and into sensationalizing. Our goal is to help people learn about politics by providing open, centralized access to information without introducing bias or opinion.

In recent years, we have seen the advent of false information, greater polarization, and media manipulation. In a world where information is becoming easier and easier to distribute, the drawbacks of false information have grown. For everyday citizens, from us at Polimorphic to you, trying to understand what is going on has become nearly impossible. How can we be informed when we cannot even trust the information we see?

Our goal is to build an entirely new type of media platform. One founded on ground truth information and accessibility.


We are a team of computer scientists out of MIT with a passion for politics and government.

We believe politics should be more accessible for all citizens and are driven by that vision.

Interested in joining the team? Reach out to us at jobs@polimorphic.com